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Creation of 4U

Image by Efe Kurnaz


The thoughts surrounding the song 4U came by the way of a personal experience that needed a voice. The style that resonates here the most is Truth Ballad or Soul Concoction. A great conversation piece or played by our favorite DJ at a sold-out show is the atmosphere surrounding this particular ensemble.

Image by Timothy Eberly


Meter 4/4
Tempo 60 BPM
The structure created is Melodic and keeps the cohesive sound working together as one. The Instruments combine and bring about a flair hard to replicate. Bass is brought to life with a ES2 and Rhythm is Layered with 3 Violins

Image by Marius Masalar

A minor

This Key brings together sounds that have never been mended before in this UpBeat & Mellow ensemble. A think outside of the box allowed for the creative thinking to flow and bring the ideas to life to be captured and absorbed by the listener.




& last but not least Am7 for 1st 16 Bars

The latter Chords are as follows;

CMAJ7        Em7          GMAJ7  Dm7



Behind the Scenes

Creative Process

Image by Matt Botsford
Image by James Owen


The Audio maintains simplicity with words that express to the listener where the heart lay at the time of Recording. This gives the opportunity to say something with emotion more than verbiage. Recording was light and relaxed. Audio levels were precise and worked together with the other elements of the song.

Samples & Synthesizers

Synths were added to bring life to the Bass & melody. These were created with Love by way of ESP for track 24 and 27. The samples were pure inspiration and merged the bridge to identify the next level. The sample was chosen to incorporate a club vibe with sentimental value. All samples were created with a forward loop foundation and are located on track 31,32, and 33

Image by Marcela Laskoski
Image by Mohammad Metri


There are a few Dynamic processes working magic on the finished product. Some to mention would be EQ articulation on the Bass & Audio Effect on the melody. There is also a Echo that lives on Aux 6 for the Outro and a delay on Aux 7 for the Need You Audio. This allows the sound to be altered and perfected.


Working on Audio levels can create a mix that is worthy of the Billboard TOP 200 & The Hall of Fame. Taking the time to grow your mix is Always in your BEST INTEREST! 


“TODAY do what others won’t, so TOMORROW you can ACCOMPLISH what Others can’t”

Simone Biles


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Music has the power to Unlock Any Door and give you strength when you need it most. Purple Reign creates a space with an Art of Storytelling that captures audiences of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike. Purple Reign brings Unity where there is division. Since the early days of being a ballerina, Purple Reign has found Great Pleasure and satisfaction in the involvement of the creative music process and all it has to offer. From the stage to behind the scenes, take a look around the site to get to know more about Purple Reign.


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